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The enterprise plays a vital role in the exhaust pollution planning

Exhaust gas treatment equipment planning in the enterprise technology is very important

With the development of science and technology, enterprises in order to pursue greater benefits, the scale of production is becoming larger and larger, the equipment used tends to be larger, more sophisticated, more complex, the proportion of fixed assets is also increasing, the use of equipment maintenance costs in the product cost accounted for a large share.Therefore, equipment planning is very important in enterprise technology.

Waste gas treatment equipment planning refers to an enterprise which is based on the management policy, objectives, considering the production development and the market demand, scientific research, new product development, the need of energy saving, security, environmental protection, etc, through the investigation and study, technical and economic feasibility analysis, and combined with the existing equipment capacity, source of funds and other comprehensive balance, as well as, the transformation plan is updated according to the enterprise and enterprise of equipment investment for the medium and long term plan.It is an important guarantee for the production and development of enterprises and an important part of the overall planning of production and management.Enterprise equipment planning, namely equipment investment planning, is an important part of enterprise medium - and long-term production and management development planning.The formulation and implementation of equipment planning plays a role in promoting and guaranteeing the application of new technology and new process, improvement of product quality, expansion of reproduction, equipment renewal plan and implementation of other technical measures.

Equipment planning mainly includes enterprise new equipment planning and enterprise existing equipment renewal and transformation planning of two parts.

For equipment planning, the enterprise's goal is the decisive factor. The enterprise's goal includes: the product's production goal and the enterprise's profit goal.Here includes both the absolute yield (yield and output value, profit, etc.), including the relative amounts (productivity, the funds profit, etc.), and on this basis to determine equipment of process, equipment type, model and quantity, the ways of reliability, maintenance, modification and updating technology solutions, as well as the equipment investment, economic solutions such as depreciation, economic life, the renewal decision making.

Since there are many factors affecting the condition of equipment, generally speaking, there will not be only one equipment plan for any enterprise goal. Therefore, in the stage of equipment planning, technical and economic evaluation of various schemes should be carried out to select the optimal scheme.Investigation, program listing, evaluation and optimization, program decision-making and implementation, as well as continue to modify and improve the program in the implementation, this is the general process of equipment planning.Feasibility study report is a document form reflecting this process, which is an important part of the feasibility study of the whole enterprise investment project.

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