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Functional characteristics of photodecomposition waste gas treatment equipment

With the development of industry, a lot of waste gas is produced in the air which affects people's life.In order to minimize the negative effects of this waste gas on people, we invented UV photodissolving waste gas treatment equipment.The following Xiaobian will lead you to learn more about this device, to learn about its functions and characteristics:

First, equipment function

It adopts pulse high voltage and high frequency plasma power supply and tooth plate discharge device to generate active free radicals with high intensity, high concentration and high electric energy. In millisecond level time, it can instantly REDOX harmful waste gas molecules and degrade most pollutants in the waste gas into carbon dioxide, water and easily treatable substances.

Using the strong oxidation and high adsorption of catalytic oxidants, the untreated pollutants and generated substances of the plasma are continuously catalyzed and oxidized, so that the harmful waste gas can be finally discharged to the standard after multi-stage purification.The novel structure design organically combines the low temperature plasma generator and catalytic oxidation unit in the same purification equipment, maximizing the efficiency of the compound purification site, making it meet the design requirements of small footprint, light weight, less energy consumption and high efficiency.

Two, equipment characteristics

1. UV photolysis waste gas treatment equipment has a one-time purification efficiency is high, can purify a variety of pollutants at the same time;

2. The fire performance adopts switch, power supply and circuit triple automatic protection;

3. The equipment is small in size, compact in structure and mature in process;

4. Less equipment investment and low operating cost;

5. Safe and stable, easy maintenance, long service life;

6. High purification efficiency, no secondary pollution

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