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How to maintain chemical wastewater treatment equipment

How to maintain chemical wastewater treatment equipment?Today, following Li source environmental protection to understand, because of the chemical waste water composition is complex, high pollutant content, toxic and harmful substances, not easy to biodegradation, so the chemical waste water treatment has been a difficult point in the field of waste water treatment.So chemical wastewater treatment equipment in debugging, inspection, must be strictly in accordance with the operating procedures for maintenance, then what is the key to the maintenance of chemical wastewater treatment equipment?

How to maintain chemical wastewater treatment equipment

First, it is necessary to equip the pollutant detection instrument, and measure the concentration of pollutants in the raw water every morning to ensure that the raw water is within the planned influent range. If the stability of the raw water is large, it should be monitored several times a day.Contaminants exceeding the target value should be diluted and entered the treatment system.

Two, chemical waste water treatment equipment should be kept enough communication with the production workshop, when abnormal conditions occur in the workshop, there is no abnormal water, should be used to collect emergency containers, after testing to confirm the treatment plan.

Three, the process flow of chemical wastewater treatment equipment is determined according to the types and concentrations of pollutants in the planned wastewater, and must not let the planned wastewater enter the treatment system.Unplanned wastewater may cause the collapse of wastewater treatment system.

4. Chemical wastewater treatment equipment should be maintained regularly to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. In case of equipment failure, it should be replaced with standby equipment or suspended before troubleshooting, and the system is strictly prohibited to run with disease.

Although chemical wastewater has always been a difficulty in the field of wastewater treatment, chemical enterprises do not have to worry too much. As long as they conscientiously carry out operations and maintenance in accordance with the operating procedures, they can make the wastewater treatment equipment work steadily for a long time.

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