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The chemical plant discharges waste water for treatment

Today, Li Yuan environmental protection introduced the treatment of chemical plant discharge sewage, chemical plant sewage treatment method can be vigorously implemented, with the rapid development of economy, the rise of chemical plants on the environmental pollution is increasingly aggravating, causing a general impact on human health, which is also to dye, pharmaceutical, daily chemical industry when the discharge of sewage treatment is difficult.

The chemical plant discharges waste water for treatment

First, chemical characteristics

Most of the chemical wastewater is a complex structure, toxic and harmful wastewater is difficult to degrade and treat the substance, the treatment is difficult.Chemical wastewater is characterized by high COD, high salinity, and certain inhibitory effect on microorganisms. It is one of the common chemical plant wastewater that is difficult to treat.

1. There are a large number of by-products in the sewage of chemical plants. The process of raw material generation will react to produce a large number of solvent substances and a large number of ring compounds, which increases the difficulty of sewage treatment in chemical plants.

2. The content of pollutants in sewage is high, and the reaction of raw materials in the production process is incomplete, resulting in the composition of sewage produced by surplus raw materials, the composition produced after the reaction and a large amount of sewage mixed, which will cause serious water pollution if discharged into the sewage treatment system without treatment.

3, chemical plant sewage, fine chemical sewage in a large number of organic contaminants are harmful to microorganisms, with certain bactericidal components.

Chemical waste water treatment equipment

Two, chemical sewage treatment methods

As a large amount of emissions, high concentration of organic pollutants, high salt content, high color, high degradable compounds of chemical plant sewage, the existing treatment methods such as: physical method, chemical method, biochemical method and so on a variety of treatment means and methods.

1, chemical treatment method, the use of chemical substances and sewage reaction, to remove the purpose of organic matter, inorganic and impurities in sewage, which is used for the removal of small suspended matter and colloidal substances in water.

2, physical treatment, chemical sewage commonly used physical treatment methods including filtration, precipitation gas flotation method, etc.Mainly in order to reduce the suspended solids in the water, in the process of chemical sewage treatment, commonly used adsorption materials for treatment.

Three, the price of chemical plant sewage equipment

The price of sewage equipment in chemical plants depends on the process used and the quality of the sewage to be treated and the amount of sewage treatment.

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