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High concentration chemical wastewater treatment project

1. Project overview

Today, we will introduce the high concentration chemical wastewater treatment project. A chemical company, relying on advanced production technology and rich production experience, mainly develops, develops and produces 3, 4-dichlorophenyl ether ketone, 2, 4-dichlorophenyl ethylene oxide and other fine chemical products.The company's production wastewater mainly comes from chemical side reaction process production wastewater and cooling water discharge.

High concentration chemical wastewater treatment project

In view of the high salt content of COD, NH3-N and chemical wastewater, the project adopts the pre-treatment process of dissolved gas flotation + iron-carbon micro-electrolysis +Fenton oxidation + coagulation precipitation + three-effect evaporation, combined with the two-stage anaerobic +A/O main treatment process and the ClO2 contact oxidation advanced treatment process.

2, waste water characteristics

High-concentration chemical wastewater treatment engineering chemical wastewater contains complex organic substances, more refractory substances, wastewater COD up to tens of thousands of mg/L.The waste water biodegradability is poor, the salt content is high, the biological toxicity is high, the waste water discharge intermittently, the water quality and the quantity fluctuates greatly, the waste water.Fungicides have certain physiological toxicity to microorganisms in water and affect the efficiency of biochemical treatment.

2. Process flow description

At present, micro-electrolysis, catalytic oxidation, coagulation and sedimentation, hydrolytic acidification and other processes are mainly used to treat high-concentration wastewater.According to the characteristics of this kind of wastewater, physical and chemical pretreatment, biochemical treatment and advanced treatment are required first.

After considering the advantages and disadvantages of each method in high concentration chemical wastewater treatment engineering, in the physical pretreatment process, the dissolved gas flotation + iron carbon micro-electrolysis + Fenton oxidation + solidification precipitation + three-effect evaporation process is selected to achieve the primary purpose of reducing wastewater cod, salinity and improving the biochemical characteristics of wastewater.At the same time, it can effectively save operating costs.In the biochemical treatment stage, the two-stage anaerobic + A/O bioremediation process can effectively reduce the load of NH3-N, reduce the demand for ammonia removal from external carbon sources, and realize the biochemical degradation of cod and NH3-N.In the advanced treatment stage, mixed-two contact oxidation method was used to further oxidize the refractory organic matter in water and remove the chroma of water.

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