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Coating wastewater treatment equipment

The purpose of coating wastewater treatment is to extract the pollutants in wastewater in a certain way, or to dissolve them and convert them into non-harmful and stable chemicals, so as to make the wastewater clean.One is to avoid harmful substances and grapes

The infection;To prevent the presence of foreign odors and unpleasant sensations, in order to take into account the provisions for the primary use of the sample.

The basic method of waste treatment is to use physical, organic chemical or biological methods, or several methods to cooperate with each other to remove harmful substances in the waste water, according to the water condition and the solution of the trend of the water

Ping, waste water is divided into A, B and C three solutions.

Wastewater solutions: (A) the solution is to remove the following B class of pollutants can not be removed, such as phosphorus, nitrogen and biological insoluble organic chemical pollutants, inorganic pollutants, pathogenic crystal, etc.Waste water of three

Level solution is basically in the secondary solution, step by step the selection of chemical methods (organic chemistry, air oxidation, chemical precipitation, etc.), physical method (adsorption, ion exchange method, membrane separation equipment, etc.) to remove some special

A "deep solution" method for contaminants.Obviously, tertiary treatment of wastewater is expensive, but it can make sufficient use of water.

Wastewater solutions: (B) The solution is the selection of biological solutions and - some organic chemical methods to remove biodegradable organic compounds and - some colloid solution contaminants from the wastewater.After finishing the solution, the waste water

The sludge load of BOD can reach 80-90%, that is, the combined BOD can be less than 30mg/L.After the solution of B, the water can generally meet the agricultural irrigation standards and environmental protection standards for waste water, so the solution is the subject of waste water solution.but

After this solution, a certain amount of suspended solids, bioinsoluble organic compounds, soluble inorganic compounds and algal plant nutrients such as nitrate are still retained in the water, along with viruses and bacteria.

Therefore can not meet the requirements of higher environmental standards, such as the solution of the back into the total flow is small, diluent working ability is weak rivers are likely to cause environmental pollution, can not immediately as drinking water, industrialization

Supplementary water resources with water and surface water.

Coating wastewater treatment methods: (C) to solve the choice of physical solution, that is, with the grid, stainless steel screen, sand sink, sand sink, oil separator and other buildings, remove the solid suspended solids in the wastewater, drifting oil, base

This adjusts the pH value and relieves the decay level of wastewater.After the treatment of wastewater by - grade, - generally can not reach the environmental protection standard (BOD sludge load is only about 32%, not exceeding the original plus or minus 8%).Temporarily for the preparatory processing link, in order to ease the matter

After solving the load of the process flow and lifting to solve the actual effect.

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