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Coating wastewater treatment equipment

The treatment of coating wastewater is very complicated. The selection of solutions must be based on the water body and total amount of wastewater, the accepted water quality discharged to the water or the purpose of the water to be taken into account.Also want to consider to | wastewater treatment of silt in the way

The solution and utilization of mud and sediment and the possible secondary pollution problems, and the acquisition and utilization of coagulants, etc.Common wastewater solutions can be grouped into the following categories:


(1) Biological method: using the biochemical effect of microorganisms to solve the organic compounds in wastewater.For example, biofiltration and aerated biofilters are used for wastewater treatment or organic chemical production,

To convert organic compounds into carbonate and obtain cleaning.

(2) Use physical efficacy to solve, separate and acquire pollutants in wastewater.For example, using ion exchange method to remove the density of floating particles in water beyond the standard value of another purchase of this fine particulate matter;Flotation reagents

Method (or air floating machine method) can remove emulsion droplets or density tends to norm value of suspended solids;Filtration method can remove floating particles in water;The volatilization method is used to concentrate the nonvolatile chemical substances in wastewater.

(3) Chemical methods: the use of chemical changes or physical effects to purchase soluble waste or colloidal solution chemical substances, such as intermediate process for intermediate acid or alkaline or alkaline wastewater;The principle of extraction utilizes soluble waste in

Two focus on solubility is not the same as the "assignment", the acquisition of phenolic compounds, heavy metals exceed the standard;Redox reaction method is used to remove oxidizing or reducing pollutants in wastewater and eliminate bacteria in pure natural water.

3) Physics method: the selection of wastewater solutions depends on the characteristics of pollutants in the wastewater.Composition, conditions and provisions for water bodies.The general solutions to waste water may be divided into physical methods, chemical methods and biological methods

Three broad categories.

The above methods are all useful in one way to achieve excellent remediation practical results.- Which kind of waste water to choose to solve, the first is based on the water body of waste water and water flow, water discharge on the provisions of water, waste back

The economic value of the collection, the characteristics of the solution, etc., and then according to the investigation and analysis, carry out scientific experiments, and in accordance with the index value of waste water discharge, the situation of the region and technical feasibility analysis and clear.Under the key selection

List of waste water methods:

Activated sludge process and so on

Activated sludge process is a popular domestic sewage treatment process in the world, because of its high efficiency, large, small and medium-sized sewage treatment stations are widely used.

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